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The first edition of this online knowledge magazine marks our ambition to connect and share with you more. By providing you knowledge and insights, communicating actively on organizational developments and fostering a network of people that will create a safer world. A safer world in a dynamic and changing environment, facing technological, socioeconomic and political upheavals. Let us share this challenge.

Jeroen Zohlandt
General Manager
AIG Benelux
AIG Claims Intelligence Series
We carried out an analysis of claims under our commercial D&O policies and our cyber policies between 2013 and 2016. There we see some trends. It indicates that cyber extortion/ransomware is a growing source of cyber loss, while data breaches seems to be significant drivers.
Key Drivers of Cyber Claims 

Cyber extortion/ransomware is one of most common causes of cyber loss for companies big and small.

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European Shareholder Class Action

We see a trend of shareholder class action in Europe. The Netherlands are sensitive for this evolution.

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Claims Innovation Award at FERMA Awards
We're proud to share with you our Property & Energy Claims Team won the Claims Innovation award at the FERMA Awards 2016. The jury was impressed of the cases of two Major Loss claims in the Netherlands, where inspection, early payment and fast handling led to great feedback of the broker.

You can read the award-winning case here.
AIG & StrategicRisk
Directors’ and officers’ (D&O) liability is changing in several ways. The financial crisis still has an impact on this trend. But there are more causes that have an impact.
Guide to: D&O Liability

New anti-corruption laws and the financial climate are having an impact on the pricing
and expectations of D&O cover.

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Guide to: People Risk 

People are a company most valuable instruments. We have to protect them carefully. In this report we look at some important risks.

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AIG Internet of Things Series
With billions of sensors woven into the world around us, the Internet of Things is emerging before our eyes. Close to 60 percent of people are looking to add more “smart” Internet-connected devices to what they already own, according to recent AIG research.

Besides our Internet of Things Series, we published an article in The New York Times where we dive deeper in our research. You can read it here.

Part 1: The Internet of Things: Evolution or Revolution?

To realize the potential of IoT, we need to be prepared for risks that lie ahead. The insurance industry is well placed to help businesses navigate this new technology world.

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Part 2: IoT Case Studies: Companies Leading the Connected Economy

To maximize the extraordinary benefits offered by IoT technologies and minimize the inherent risks, it is imperative that successful leaders adopt an open stance with each other.

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